We’ll Have Our Home Again (Multitrack)

As of the time of writing, my harmonization of We’ll Have Our Home Again has over 400 likes and 11,000 views! I am very grateful for the growth of both my YouTube channel and my work with Pine Tree Riots. Several people have reached out to me about my work on the track and I have recently been requested to upload MIDI files with more accurate tempo information. In this post, I have not only included more accurate MIDI files, I have also included the multitrack for We’ll Have Our Home Again (Harmonized), AKA the Piano Version; as well as different versions of the original vocals with different quantization and denoising settings. Here is a sample of what is included in this post:

To download all files as a zip file, click here.

MIDI Files:

Original (Denoised):


Drum Kit Pieces (Stems):

Vocals (Stems):

Pep Band Version:

Piano Version

Piano Reference for Vocals:

Having issues with any of the files/downloads? Please contact me.