I Have Made a Fiverr Page!

I have set up a Fiverr page for people who are interested in having me do music/audio work for them. I am beginning with a gig to fix and restore unclean audio recordings; however, if you are interested in this service or wish to seek another music/audio service from me (e.g. composition, transcription, etc.), please contact me and we can agree on a price and delivery time for the gig.

I enjoy my music/audio career and I would gladly do the work for free if I was not aware that—if God were to eventually grant me a family—I will eventually need to make money off of the fruit of my labor.

Below is a recent demonstration of some audio clean-up that I performed in under 15 minutes on a noisy recording. If you would like to see more demonstrations of my music/audio work, see the services section of this website.