We’ll Have Our Home Again (Piano Cover)

On December 4th, I uploaded a harmonization of By God We’ll Have Our Home Again, a piece that utilizes the melody of Rolling Down to Old Maui, a piece by Stan Rogers. Apparently, the lyrics to By God We’ll Have Our Home Again were made and sang by Pine Tree Riots, who may or may not have connections to Mannerbund, who made a post with the same audio: in fact, Kongo Müller uploaded the audio (without a fade out) in late September before Pine Tree Riots did in early October.

UPDATE 12/17/20: I am now in contact with Pine Tree Riots and he has informed me that he indeed wrote the lyrics a year ago. He shared the song to Mannerbund and Nam (from Mannerbund) liked it so much that he declared it their anthem; however, Pine Tree Riots wishes for this piece to not be for one organization but for all nationalists alike. The original title was “We’ll Have a Home Again” but it seems that most people have decided to call it “We’ll Have Our Home Again”. As a result, Pine Tree Riots has conceded that the title is now “We’ll Have Our Home Again”.

Because I received at least 20 likes on my harmonization, I uploaded the instrumental with a bunch of compiled footage:

As of the time of posting, my original harmonization sits at 43 likes and I have been requested to make a version of the instrumental without the drums and bass, so here it (and the MIDI of the piano only) is:

Also, here is the MIDI file from my Noteflight score and the audio of the instrumental:

You can download the score, parts, and audio of the original by viewing this post.

If you have any specific requests for me, please contact me.

Piano harmonization’s audio file information:

  • Main DAW: Logic Pro v10.5.1
  • LU-I: -17.7 LUFS
  • Left RMS: -19.2
  • Right RMS: -20.3
  • RMS (L&R Average): -19.75
  • Peak Level: -4.1 dBTP
  • Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
  • Resolution: 16-Bit

Update 1/27/21: I have arranged this piece for guitar and voice. You may download the score here:

UPDATE 2/24/21: The composer of “Old Maui” is not Stan Rogers: the piece is a traditional sea song.

UPDATE 3/25/21: See this post for stems, better MIDI files, and more!